Oct 21

Once Upon a Time – “The Apprentice” (Spoilers)

This week in Storybrooke, Emma asks Hook out on their first official date. Wanting to be a “whole man” for her, Hook seeks out his missing hand from Mr. Gold. Then, in the Enchanted Forest, Anna makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin to find out the truth of her parents’ journey.

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Oct 14

Doctor Who – “Mummy on the Orient Express” (Spoilers)

Image from BBCAmerica.com

It’s a mummy! (Not an Egyptian goddess!) On the Orient Express! In space! A few weeks after the fallout between Clara and the Doctor in “Kill the Moon”, the Doctor takes her on one “last hurrah” to end their adventures together.

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Sep 29

Once Upon a Time – “A Tale of Two Sisters” (Spoilers)

Image from ABC.com

Once Upon a Time is back, bringing a few familiar characters from Frozen into the world of Storybrooke. In this fourth season premiere, we see the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, making preparations for a very special day when they stumble upon their late mother’s diary. Meanwhile in the present day, Elsa arrives in Storybrooke while Regina struggles with the good and evil sides of herself.

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Sep 24

Sleepy Hollow – “This Is War” (Spoilers)

Image from Fox.com

It’s been a long time since the first season of Sleepy Hollow had its finale. And while none of the characters were hanging off of any actual cliffs, the season closed with basically everyone’s lives in danger. When last we saw Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, Ichabod had been buried underground by the Horseman of War, and Abbie was trapped indefinitely in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Abbie’s sister Jenny was unconscious in an overturned SUV, Captain Irving was in jail in order to protect his daughter, and Katrina Crane had been kidnapped by the Horseman of Death. After 8 months of waiting, we finally get to see how our heroes make their comeback.

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Aug 27

Doctor Who – “Deep Breath” (Spoilers)

Image from BBCAmerica.com

If Summer and all of its fun activities have to come to a close, it’s nice to have something to look forward to at the end of it. For me, it was Doctor Who finally starting up again, with the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! The Doctor and companion Clara are back in Victorian England, joining up once more with the adorable interspecies couple Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint, along with their Sontaran “man”servant, Strax.

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Jul 27

Replay: The Longest Journey (Spoilers)

Image from LongestJourney.com

I miss the old point-and-click adventure games. Sure, contemporary games are action-packed and fast-paced, but there’s something to be said about a game that you can take your time with, if you like. I love the concentration on stories and puzzles. And while most contemporary games have those elements as well, it’s a nice change of pace to play something that’s more a thinking game than anything else.

Soon, Red Thread Games will be releasing the third game in the series, Dreamfall Chapters, with its first episode or “book” available in November of this year. Since it’s been nearly a decade since I first played The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, I thought I’d brush up on the series. The Longest Journey was released way back in 1999, and follows the story of April Ryan, an art-student-turned-reluctant-hero who travels between two worlds in the hopes of saving them both.

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Jul 22

Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 2: Ami – Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon is alone in her fight against evil… but not for long! Usagi meets genius student Mizuno Ami, who is more than what she seems be.

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Jul 13

New to Me: L.A. Noire (Spoilers)

The Steam Summer Sale took place late last month, so I picked up a bunch of video games that I missed the first time around. The first that I played among them was L.A. Noire, the law-abiding little brother to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto. In it, you play Cole Phelps, an ex-Marine-turned-cop who is cleaning up the streets of LA in the late 1940s. The game employs complex facial animations, puzzles, shoot-outs, car chases, and a strong storyline to make a detective game that is both fun and immersive.

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Jul 05

Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 1: Usagi (Spoilers)

The quintessential magical girl returns! The first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal premiered today!

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Jun 26

Potty Training Palooza


Potty training is hard. Even if you’re not a parent, you’ve probably heard somebody complain about it. And let me tell you, it’s no exaggeration. It’s frustrating and hard work, even for those occasional lucky parents whose children pick it up quickly over the course of a few days of potty bootcamp. Even worse for parents (like me) who have been working at different strategies for weeks or (ahem!) months. (Warning for the faint of heart: Potty talk ahead!)

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